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About Signaling Pathways Project

The goal of the Signaling Pathways Project (SPP) knowledgebase is to allow bench researchers to routinely ask sophisticated questions of the universe of multi-omics data points generated by the cellular signaling community.

In our previous incarnation as the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas (NURSA), we curated GEO-archived RNA-Seq and expression array, or transcriptomic, datasets involving genetic or small molecule manipulation of nuclear receptors. To allow researchers to mine this data, we developed data mining through the query tool Transcriptomine (Becnel, 2017). To expand this effort we have:

The result of these efforts is the SPP. If you’re wondering what genes involved in cell cycle control are regulated by FGF signaling in the liver, or what genes involved in osteoblast differentiation are bound by FOX transcription factors, or what genes are most frequently regulated by leptin signaling, SPP is the place to ask these questions.

SPP is dedicated to helping researchers to make sense of the often overwhelming volume of multi-omics information in the field of cellular signaling. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all the latest news and to hear about upcoming community webinars in which we will be demonstrating how researchers can get the most out of SPP to validate the results of their bench experiments, generate or refine their research hypotheses, or model signaling pathways operating in their biological system of interest.

Best wishes,
Neil McKenna, Ph.D.
Lead Scientist, Signaling Pathways Project
About our logo: The Signaling Pathways Project logo is based upon the triskelion, a Neolithic symbol whose rotational symmetry reflects the interdependence and continuity of cellular signaling pathways.